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BOOST Montgomery Families Application

The BOOST program (Bringing Optimism, Opportunity & Support To Montgomery Families) is designed to provide financial assistance for a past due bill to eligible parents with a child 12 months old or younger. This program will pay up to $200 on any past due bill for a mother or father who meet the eligibility requirements as set out in this application. Monies due will be paid directly to the entity entitled to payment. At the discretion of the review board, funds may be allocated to purchase groceries or child care costs. Interested individuals or families should complete this application in its entirety and may provide any additional information in the comments section that might assist in the review and approval process. 

Applications will be reviewed and granted on a rolling process until all the funds allocated for this program are expended. Contact us by email at if you have any questions.

Do you have a child age 12 months or younger that resides with you at your current residence?

Upload a copy of your past due bill. (Please make sure this is a clear copy that provides your name, the date the bill was due, the person or entity to whom payment is owed, and the full amount of the bill).

Upload File

Upload a complete copy of the birth certificate for the child who is 12 months or younger. Please assure that this is a clear copy of the birth certificate including your full name, the child's full name, and the child's date of birth. If you are the legal guardian of a child 12 months or younger and you are not listed on their birth certificate, please upload the birth certificate anyway and thoroughly explain your individual situation in the comment section below. 

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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