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There is power and purpose in sharing one's experience with others. Levi's Grace seeks to be a place of solace for mothers and families who are on the journey of carrying a baby that has received a diagnosis that is incompatible with life, and to anyone facing the heartbreak of an unexpected pregnancy or infant loss.  While each person's path to healing is unique, we want to provide a forum for mothers and families who feel ready to tell the story of their precious angel baby. Your courageousness might be the inspiration that helps the next family keep moving forward.

If you are interested in using Levi's Grace as a platform to tell your story of infant loss, email us at Please provide us with raw video footage and our video editors will take it from there.

Perhaps you're not comfortable communicating by video, but want to be involved with our mission? Contact us anyway! Bravery has many faces and there are numerous other ways to help.

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Levi's Grace, Inc.

Our mission is to help families rediscover joy after the devastating loss of a pregnancy or newborn due to neonatal genetic or chromosomal disorders, and to be a resource to all families impacted by stillbirth or early infant loss.


EIN: 84-3481104

Levi's Grace, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

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