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Levi's Grace believes the greater the network of organizations committed to helping mothers and families through miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss, the more impactful the healing process can be. As this organization grows, we aim to provide mothers and families facing a diagnosis of a neonatal genetic or chromosomal disorder with the following services:


Every family going through a pregnancy that is expected to end in loss should have access to affordable, even free, counseling sessions if they desire.

Care Packages

In the midst of a devastating neonatal diagnosis, mothers and families need love and support from those around them in a myriad of forms.


Peace, strength and knowledge can be communicated in a variety of forms including video, podcast, seminars and events.


There are many organizations providing wonderful services to mothers and families facing infant loss that need increased exposure to reach more people in need.

The sad reality is that mothers and families across the country face pregnancy and infant loss everyday due to a variety of factors. Some times the loss is expected, but often families are blindsided with news of a pregnancy complication. People of all races, religions and socioeconomic classes are touched by it with the same devastating effect. No matter the circumstance, those directly impacted benefit from having support systems around them, and easy access to thoughtful and trustworthy information. 


The organizations below also offer services and resources to mothers and families going through or recovering from miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. If you are aware of another organization that should be added to this list, please email us a



SHARE is a national community for anyone who experiences the tragic death of a baby. It serves parents, grandparents, siblings, and others in the family unit, as well as the professionals who care for grieving families.



No parent should suffer the loss of a baby alone. Rachel's Gift is devoted to validating each child's life.​ Its purpose is to lend guidance on the path to healing by offering support, resources and guidance for families experiencing infant loss. 



Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial's mission is to help families understand the true meaning of grief after the heartbreaking loss of a baby. The organization's mission includes infant mortality and mental health education for those it serves.



Return to Zero: HOPE is a non-profit organization engaging a global community of bereaved parents and health providers to improve mental health outcomes, while advancing pregnancy and infant loss awareness, education, and support.


PERINATAL HOSPICE CARE is a clearinghouse of information about perinatal hospice & palliative care, including many resources for parents and caregivers as well as an international list of more than 300 programs.



The MISS Foundation, established in 1996 by Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, is 501(c)3, volunteer based organization providing C.A.R.E. [counseling, advocacy, research, and education] services to families experiencing the death of a child.

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